Understanding the seriousness of the COVID19 pandemic impact on the health of the people in the country, it is imperative to prioritize health and create a massive awareness & advocacy around good & preventive health & healthcare. National Health Awareness Month campaign in the month of May is to strengthen India’s health missions and bring together and engage government, health policymakers, medical, health & healthcare sectors, pharmaceutical companies, educational, environment & social organizations, health and good food influencers to Talk, Act & Promote preventive healthcare and good health for all through a month long (1st to 31st May) movement.

The National Health Awareness Month would be observed as a national health movement. It would host multiple awareness and advocacy activities, engage all the key stakeholders and target to create a massive reach among masses to promote preventive healthcare, adopt good food practices and a healthy lifestyle for all.


. Prioritizing Good Health for all post COVID and creating a massive virtual National Health & Healthcare Awareness Movement among masses in India

. Dedicating May as National Health Awareness Month for all in the country

. Involving and engaging Government officials, health & wellness influencers and the key stakeholders from medical, public health and healthcare sectors to observe May as National Health Awareness Month

. Engagement with experts throughout the month and discussing preventive measure of Noncommunicable Disease, hygiene and various other rare and life threating diseases

. Promote various government’s health & wellbeing initiatives among people of India

. Encouraging people to eat healthy, stay fit, promote healthy lifestyle and practice wellbeing

. Making it the largest virtual Healthfluencres driven health movement of India covering massive engagement on Facebook live, Insta Live and Twitter Space